You’ve taken the plunge to bring your gym home. You’re in store for a real treat and a great sweat session! Let’s take a moment to slow down before you imagine yourself gliding effortlessly on the sleek machine. It may seem like buying a machine is as simple as jumping on it, but there’s more to consider. Here are five things you should consider before purchasing a treadmill.

1. Fitness Goals: Stepping into the Right Direction
Let’s start by talking about your fitness goals. You may want to get a good sweat going with brisk walking, or you might be looking for a treadmill that will help you achieve your fitness goals. You can find the right treadmill by determining your fitness goals. Knowing what you want will prevent you from buying a treadmill designed for marathoners when you are just getting started.

2. Budgeting: The Numbers
Let’s talk about your budget. There are many different treadmills available, from the budget-friendly ones that won’t break the bank to the more expensive options with bells and whistles. Set a budget to help you narrow down the choices and avoid getting lost.

3. Build Stability and Quality: No Wiggle Allowed
Imagine you are in your stride, and the treadmill suddenly starts to wobble. This is not the situation you want. Here, building quality and stability can save the day. A  will have a treadmill with a sturdy frame and robust construction. This ensures that your treadmill can handle the weight of you and your workouts without feeling as if it is about to collapse. If you are a speed demon and want to run fast, you will benefit from a treadmill that has a large running surface. This allows you to move comfortably without the fear of impromptu dancing mid-run.

4. Enjoy the best of both worlds: Incline and speed options
You’ve mastered running on flat terrain. It’s time to go up a level – or climb a hill. You can change your treadmill session by changing the speed and incline. Do you want a challenge to keep your heart rate up? Increase the incline to feel the burn all over. Choose a treadmill with different speed settings that match your fitness level and goals.

5. Warranty and Customer Support – Back-up Plans and High Fives
It’s not pleasant to consider that things could go wrong, but it is better to be prepared. This is where warranties can help. It’s not just that a longer warranty covers you, but it’s also a way for the manufacturer to say, “We have your back.” It’s also a sign that the manufacturer believes in their product. Let’s not forget customer support. You’ll need a friend who can help you when that button stops working at 2 am.

Your Treadmill, Your Rules
A treadmill is a great way to get fit. You can set yourself up for success by considering your fitness goals and budget, the build quality of the treadmill, incline options and speed, warranty, and customer service. Grab your water bottle and play your favorite workout playlist to get started on the journey to a happier, healthier you. Your treadmill, you set the rules!

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