The most common exercise among people with arthritis

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When you’re in pain or stiff from arthritis, it can be difficult to get moving. How do people with arthritis move? According to a study by the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report, most of them walk. Researchers examined the results of a 2019 survey of 87,000 U.S. adult arthritis sufferers (mostly middle-aged and older), who reported that they had been physically active within the last month. Around 71% of people with severe joint pain said that walking is one of their most common activities. 13% cited gardening, and 7% cited weightlifting. All these activities reduce fatigue and arthritis pain: Brisk walking increases your heart rate and lung capacity for aerobic exercise and reduces fatigue, inflammation, and excess weight. Weight training helps reduce pain by strengthening the muscles to absorb the pressure that you put on your joints. Gardening reduces stress and fatigue. Few respondents to the survey said that they participated in low-impact sports, like cycling or swimming. These activities are not only great for your joints, but they are also excellent workouts.

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